Søren Bendixen: Music

Released digitally 16th December 2022 and on CD january 2023


In recent years, Søren Bendixen has worked as a composer for cultural history museums, e.g.

Moesgaard Museum, Danish Jewish Museum and HEX! Museum of Witch Hunt.


As part of this work, Søren Bendixen has written a lot of music, and often wondered if selected works could have their own life outside the exhibitions, as just… music.


while working for the museums Søren Bendixen also started writing independent works for classical instruments
and over time it felt natural to make a combined publication.


In 2021 Søren Bendixen recieved a fair amount of support from KODA and with help and support from muscians, friends and family the project came to life.




Anna Jalving  1. violin
Theophil Dan  2. violin
Mikkel Schreiber  viola
Benedikte Borum Engell  cello


Niels Ulbrandt  piano
Søren Bendixen  electronics


Aulos Duo:
Neus Singes Llinares  transverse flute
María Jemínez Pardo  Bb clarinet


Fabian Russ | Orchestronik”: sampling, programming, composition



The music was recorded in Espressivo studio & Sct. Lucas Church Aarhus 2022.
Recording and mixing by Henrik Winther Hansen.
Produced by Henrik Winther Hansen & Søren Bendixen.



The CD can be purchased directly from Søren Bendixen. The price for the CD is DKK 120 including shipping (DK).


The digital release contains 3 bonus tracks. Two of the bonus tracks are short piano pieces. The third bonus track “Life Is Beautiful” is a Remake of “Life” from String Quartet no.1, made by Fabian Russ, renowned “Orchestronik” performer from Germany. “Orchestronik” is Fabian Russ’ term for his work interweaving electronics and classical music for solo instruments, chamber orchestras and symphony orchestras.




01 Impression

    String Quartet no. 1

02 Bulbs
03 Bloom
04 Life
05 Withers & dormants

06 Process
07 Sometimes it happens part 1

08 Sometimes it happens part 2

09 Dialogue


    Villa Suite
10 Villa no. 1
11 Villa no. 2
12 Villa no. 3


Bonus tracks (Digital only)

13 The young Niece is practicing

14 The Notorious Woman

15 Life is Beautiful (Remake by Fabian Russ)

More Info

The 7 stories

Every day of the week leading up to the release I published a story that tells about the background of the music and the process around the album

Fabian Russ