Søren Bendixen Freelance Composer – Sound designer – Musician

Specialist in Music and Sounddesign for Museum exhibtions

Composer of Classical and Modern Music

Speak Recording, Production, Restauration

Stringed Instruments Player

On location recordings of small ensembles

Consultant – Music, Sounddesign, Concepts


Music – New original music – from regular pieces of music to more abstract musical stagings, For media, Film, spaces, or just for the record.
Creation of the “place” – for example the sound of being in a forest – or on a market place in the Middle Ages.
Soundscapes – a more “abstract” version of “the place” where you move between regular sound design and more musical, sonorous elements.
Foley sound (also called action sound) where you directly “enliven” movements/actions.
Speak – full production, including consultation regarding the choice of speaker.
Cleaning and editing of sound – fix and cleaning og old recordings, bad recordings, too long takes etc.
Recording – Music, Speak, fieldrecording, both in own studio and on location w/Mobile studio

Consultant – Idea development, concept development, feedback on both current and future projects.

Stringed Instruments – Playing, composing, improvising. 6/12 string acc/electric, baritone, Pedal steel, Cittern, Mandolin, Electric Bass

Teaching – Guitar, Electric bass, Band, production

References a.o.
Moesgaard Museum, Denmark • National Museum of Denmark • Natural History Museum of Denmark • Danish Jewish Museum, Denmark • HEX museum of Witch Hunt, Denmark • Archäologisches Frelichtmuseum, Grosraden, Germany • Vitenskabsmuseet, Trondheim, Norway • Museum Østylland, Denmark • Østfyns Museer/Nyborg Slot, Denmark • Sorten Muld, Denmark • DREFT, Denmark • Hul I Hegnet, Denmark • Den Sikrede Døgninstitution Grenen, Denmark • Favrskov Musikskole • Train Venue • Børnekulturhuset Århus • Aarhus Festival Week