Fabian Russ | Orchestronik": sampling, programming, composition

Fabian Russ is an Orchestronik practitioner.

His focus is on working with samples and the interweaving of electronics and classical music for solo instruments, chamber orchestras to large symphony orchestras, specializing in live 3D audio listening rooms or for headphones in various format constellations.

He is the founder of the registered trademark Orchestronik (since 2018) and is officially listed as an ABLETON Artist by the software market leader Ableton Live.

He works with Carlo Grippa (sound engineer), Folkert Uhde, Steven Walter, Christian Kellersmann (Neue Meister, EDEL), Albrecht Mayer, Andreas Scholl, Midori Seiler, Robert Gwisdek (as Captain Peng), Frieder Weiss, Johanna Wokalek, Alexander Hacke, Grammy-winning 3D audio pioneer Tom Ammermann (Kraftwerk) and many others.

He has produced several radio plays and radio features. Together with his sound engineer Carlo Grippa and a small team, he is responsible for numerous special projects at the openings of festivals and institutions such as Kunsthalle Hamburg, Montforthaus Vorarlberg, Kunstfest Weimar, RA/DIUM Radialsystem V Berlin, Klangbiennale Basel with Andreas Scholl, Futurium Berlin and many more.

Fabian Russ did the 3D audio composition and mixing for the VR film „future diaries“, which was nominated for Cannes XR in 2018.

In 2019, Fabian Russ opened the Heinrich Schütz Music Festival with the 32-channel orchestronic dome special and ambassador project „Kaleidoscope of Spaces“, a 4-part cycle of hybrid-electronic adaptations of some of Heinrich Schütz’s most important compositions in walk-in 3D audio. The project ends with the 4th revision in 2022, Schütz 350th anniversary of his death and is the beginning of a close and exclusive cooperation with the world market leader L-Acoustics in 3D audio.

In collaboration with programmer Tobias Philipp he developed and launched SWALK, an app based on geolocation combined with 3D sounds. SWALK has been an integral part of the Heinrich Schütz Music Festival since 2019 and is constantly being expanded to include new sound stations in Central Germany. In 2022, SWALK will provide the city of Leipzig with a publicly accessible app on Leipzig’s musical heritage for the first time (release November 2022). It also includes 6 exclusive binaural arrangements of Robert and Clara Schumann’s compositions.

Fabian Russ responsible for the film music in the Compassion Prison Project, a social project of Grammy winner Fritzi Horstman in collaboration with the Oscar-nominated Rodrigo Prieto (Scorsese cinematographer) behind the camera.

Fabian Russ is part of a longer collaboration with Grammy winner Lasse Järvi to develop new hybrid soundtrack formats. With his signature style, Russ Järvi joins Oscar winner Atticus Ross in support of FX’s (Disney Network) five-part documentary Dear Mama, about rap legend Tupac, in 2022.

Together with Grimme Prize winner Sylvie Kürsten, he is involved in the opening of the new MINSK Museum in Potsdam in 2022 with high-quality audiostories.

In 2022, Russ released his first album “Kaleidoskop der Raume” on the Leipzig label in 2001 in the form of 4 CDs and a total playing time of 2×2 hours, stereo and binaural.

Then in 2022 Fabian Russ begins a collaboration with the composer Paul Cantelon.