HEX! Museum of Witch Hunt

Permanent exhibition, July 2020, Ribe, Denmark


“It is no coincidence that it is Ribe that houses the newly opened and impressive HEX! Museum of Witch Hunt.

Here, the story of the Danish persecution of witchcraft is conveyed in an exemplary way – but remember the handkerchief. The stories go straight to the heart.” (Louise Nyhom Kallestrup, Politiken 1812 2020)

When people fear people! HEX! tells the eerie story of the fear of witches, which seriously affected Denmark and Europe in the 15th and 17th centuries. It led to the witch trials, which had cruel consequences.

Ribe was at the heart of the Danish witch trials, and Denmark’s most famous case took place in the streets around the museum, namely the case against the tailor’s wife Maren Spliids, who was burned at the stake in 1641.

Some of the buildings are still standing there and create an authentic setting for the museum’s poignant story.

Listen to the music from the exhibition

Maren & Didrik

Heksen i dag/The witch of today

Watch movies from the exhibition

From “Dekonstruction” the story about how witch hunting faded during time. Movie by Moesgaard

Technical information

Grant room – quad

Society – 6.0

The figure of the witch – Quad

Mentality – 3 mono build in/Quad combo

Demonology: 5.0/2,1 combo

The proces – stereo

The proces room – Quad

Dekonstruction – Quad

The witch of today – 5.0

Maren Splids  – Stereo and Quad


The story about Maren Spilds, the woman who was convicted and burned. Movie by Moesgaard. The left side was shown on the door into Marens Kro and the right side was a more abstract version of “outside”