Großraden Archäologisches Frelichtmuseum

An exhibition at a small cozy museum, close to Lübeck in former East Germany. 

Music and sounddesign and transducer movements by Søren Bendixen.

The exhibition tells the story of Tove, daughter of the Obotrites’ king Mistivoj. Tove leaves her birth home and goes to Denmark to become Harald Bluetooth’s second wife.

The exhibition will open in spring 2022.

In the preparation for the exhibition i received great help from Mogens Friss, an expert in ancient nordic instruments.


Scroll down to read a review and pictures from the opening of the exhibition in august 2022.

Review and pictures from the opening august 2022

In March 2022, we completed the exhibition “Silber, Gold und nasse Füße” at Slawen Museum, Großraden, Germany.
Now the exhibition has apparently changed its name to”Slawenburg – Auf den Spuren einer Königin” (Slavenburg – In the footsteps of a queen).

But now it is also open to the public!

Here is an extract from the mention and review of the exhibition from NDR (Nord Deutscher Rundfunk) 10.08.2022:


“The exhibition offers a lively presentation of history: It is interactive, with light, sound and moving images – on the trail of the historically significant Tove, exhibition visitors can even fly through the early medieval castle on a rhinoceros beetle, where the state parliament meets today.”