Gladiator - Heroes of Colosseum

Special exhibition at Moesgaard Museum April 22 – September 11 2016


A while ago there was a Gladiator exhibition at Moesgaard… ..I am also an old language student and I simply experienced – I think at least a nice illusion that I was at the Colosseum. I was standing in Rome because there was so much amazing sound around me”(Ove Gibskov, journalist, chairman of the Danish Association of the Blind cultural committee, and blind from birth, Danish Radio, Program 1, 22 August 2016)


“We spent a lot of time on the exhibition about the gladiators, it was really exciting. One felt one was a spectator to a gladiatorial battle where sound and images went up into a higher entity. Beautiful, beautiful” (Audience august 2016).


“On the whole, it is something of a force performance that has been performed by the technical crew. It has created an environment that places the audience right in the middle of the arena and thus in the center of history.”(6 star review JyllandsPosten 11 september 2016)

Technical Information

Intro room (in the cellar): Adaptive sound + sounddesign stereo

The Arena: Extended 7.1 surround

The Lions cave: Stereo

The architects room: Quad

Behind the Arena: A sort of Wide Stereo