Out of CHAOS

Special Exhibiton at Moesgaard Museum 12th November 2022 – 6th August 2023


“if I were a theater director, I would be very happy if I had Moesgaard Museum’s technical staff at my disposal when scenography had to be produced…. In recent years, Moesgaard Museum has put perspectives on China’s first emperor, the Colosseum, Pompeii and the life of the Neanderthals. There have thus been sharp and quite precise impacts in world history, which have always been communicated with a huge profit……The staging is delicate and sumptuous, and perhaps this relationship helps – despite the skeletons, skulls and weapons – to create a well-arranged clash between aesthetics and historical bloodlust and lust for power” Lars Svanholm, Jyllandsposten 13.12.2022


“One listens to the many sounds that meet one on the way to the special exhibition “Out of chaos”. Between Rome’s eagles and Odin’s ravens – at Moesgaard Museum near Aarhus.
Birds that scream. Some of them no doubt ravens. Two of them fly across the cover of the exhibition catalogue. It is Odin’s confidants, Hugin and Munin.
More sounds, more birds. Voices. A kind of song. And a mounted warrior laughingly displaying his prey, a severed head.
You are drawn, teased, disturbed by the image and sound that you have to pass through to get further into the exhibition itself.”
from the Review of “Ud af kaos”, Moesgaard Museum
Claus Grymer, Kristelig Dagblad 2.12. 2022

Sandby Borg Media installation. Media by Søren Fruergaard and Kolja Pedersen. sound by Søren Bendixen

OBS: The video and speak start 00.30


Main room

Main design: 21 + 2 channel sounddesign based on 3 individual design combined with overall sounddesign


The Romans: 7 ch custom setup

The Gots: 4 channel custom + 2 backchannels

The Huns: 8 channel custom set up

Distribution channels: 2 channels


Main Room

Two 21 channel sounddesign abstract Kaos scenes, on top of the main design


The North
5.0 sounddesign

Sandby borg


Sandby Borg “outside”:

8 channel sounddesign

Sandby Borg Mediainstallation:

2 channel combining stereo and binaural stereo.


The Wave

2 channel sounddesign


Equipment in exhibition

Speakers: Genelec

Soundcard: RME Dante

Playback Software: Qlab

Listen to a radio show about “Out of Kaos” from Radio4