Egypt - Obsessed With Life

Special exhibition at Moesgaard Museum 12 October 2023 – 13 august 2024

Jyllands Posten 6 out of 6 stars

How has Moesgaard Museum now chosen to unfold this multifaceted fable? I can say it as it is: absolutely excellent! The exhibition contains such paradoxical properties as illusion mixed with authenticity. […] In addition to the inherent magic of the objects on display, the exhibition contains great communication properties.”



5 out of 6 hearts

“The wow effect is really being turned up in the next department, which consists of five large chests. In the middle of it all enthrones the wooden coffin of the temple priest Padimut. […]. This matchless handful of chests alone is worth the museum ticket.”


Kristelig Dagblad 5 out of 6 stars

“A highlight of the exhibition is the new knowledge about these substances and the embalming process. A fragrance expert has even reconstructed their smells, and they can be tested at the exhibition.[…} The calm and special nature of the Egyptian culture, the Moesgaard exhibition lets the visitors feel really successful and clearly with the well-chosen objects and the both beautiful and professionally clear dissemination of them.”


Customer reviews

From Facebook

Grete Fredslund Andersen (17 okt 23)
I Recommend the exhibition, fantastically beautiful and very educational


Gunhild Rasmussen (18 okt 23)
It’s an absolutely fantastic exhibition, you’ve put it together 👌 It appeals to all the senses and brings the ancient Egyptian belief in eternal life very close 🌞Wow, I just say 👏 (18 okt 23)


Kenneth Lund (27 okt 23 )
Keep it up, it’s just top-class done!


Technical Information

Intro room (at the Nile): quad sounddesign played in 8 speakers

The desert: Quad sounddesign played in 4 speaker – two pointing forward, 2 point backwards ca. 4 meter up in the middle of the room….

The Osiris tale: mono sounddesign in a single cup headphone

The Mummy room: Quad played over 10 speakers

The Mummy: 8 sounds in stereo, interactive buttons

Underworld: 6.0 surround

Underworld The movie: Binaural stereo

Grave chamber: Cube

Afterlife: 6.0 surround