How has Moesgaard Museum now chosen to unfold this multifaceted fable? I can say it as it is: absolutely excellent! The exhibition contains such paradoxical properties as illusion mixed with authenticity. […] In addition to the inherent magic of the objects on display, the exhibition contains great communication properties.” (Egypt – Obsessed With Life, Jyllands Posten 6 out of 6 stars)


It’s an absolutely fantastic exhibition, you’ve put it together 👌 It appeals to all the senses and brings the ancient Egyptian belief in eternal life very close 🌞Wow, I just say 👏 “(facebook 18 okt 23)


A museum with plenty of space….There is plenty to choose from. Information is provided in pictures, the exhibited items, recreation of situations, sounds, film clips, etc.” (Trustpilot 2021)


Moesgaard is one of the most exciting museums we have visited. Very nice and with sounds, so that you almost live in the exhibition you are looking at…(Trustpilot 2020)


Everyone wears headphones and listens to the tale of an ultimate disaster. It is very effectively conveyed….if you use your imagination, it’s almost like being there yourself.” (Pompeji Exhibition, 5 star review – Politiken 2111 2019)


A while ago there was a Gladiator exhibition at Moesgaard… ..I am also an old language student and I simply experienced – I think at least a nice illusion that I was at the Colosseum. I was standing in Rome because there was so much amazing sound around me”(Ove Gibskov, journalist, chairman of the Danish Association of the Blind cultural committee, and blind from birth, Danish Radio, Program 1, 22 August 2016)