Listen to Søren Bendixen: Music

In this area you can listen to the brand new album “Søren Bendixen: Music”. The music is uploaded in CD quality. You shouldn´t be able to download and please don´t try. Please don´t listen on iPhone or other bad equipment.

If you want to review this album please contact Søren Bendixen: +45 60624394,

Recording, mix and mastering by Henrik winther Hansen.
Produced by Søren Bendixen and Henrik Winther Hansen.
Recorded at Espressio studio., Aarhus. Piano recorded at Sct. Lucas Church, Aarhus
Recording done in spring 2022. Dialog recorded in august 2022.
All compositions by Søren Bendixen
The project is supported By KODA.
1. Violin: Anna Jalving
2. Violin: Theophil Dan
Viola: Mikkel Schreiber
Cello: Benedikte Borum Engell
Piano: Niels Ulbrandt

Electronic Søren Bendixen

Aulos Duo:

Neus Signes Llinares: Transverse flute

María Jiménez Pardo: clarinet
Fabian Russ | Orchestronik”: sampling, programming, composition

Søren Bendixen Music

Impression Piano: Niels Ulbrandt

String Quartet no.1

String Quartet no. 1: first part: Bulbs

String Quartet no. 1: Second part: Bloom

String Quartet no. 1: Third part: Life

String Quartet no. 1: Fourth part: Withers and Dormants

Process  (Piano: Niels Ulbrandt. Electronics: Søren Bendixen)

Sometimes it Happens

Sometimes it happens part 1 (String quartet – same players as String Quartet no.1)

Sometimes it happens part 2 (Piano: Niels Ulbrandt)

Dialogue (Aulos Duo – Neus Signes Llinares: Transverse flute & María Jiménez Pardo: clarinet).

Villa Suite

Villa no.1 Piano: Niels Ulbrandt

Villa no.2 Piano: Niels Ulbrandt

Villa no.3 Piano: Niels Ulbrandt

Bonus tracks

The Young Niece is practicing Piano: Niels Ulbrandt

The Notorious Woman Piano: Niels Ulbrandt

Life is Beautiful (Remake by Fabian Russ)