String quartet no.1

12 marts 2022

A few pictures from the recording session d. 11 february, at Espansivo studio, Reccording engineer and producer Henrik Winther.

The Quartet

Anna Jalving 1 violin

Theo Dan 2. Violin

Mikkel Schreiber Bratsch

Benedikte Borum Engel Cello

On September 20, 2020 probably the most important event in my musical life took place; The premiere of my first full classical piece, String Quartet No.1. The event took place at The Garden Studio, Ansegaard, Denmark.


Since my early childhood my head and soul has been full of music, imagined played on orchestral instruments. Although my musical life has been very electrified and computerised the dream of creating music for these instruments never faded. It took me two years to finish the piece. I work slow with my own stuff but in this case I also had to learn to write for these instruments, instruments I don´t play. 

It went well. Two sold out performances. A number of shorter piano works written for various museum exhibitions were performed too.


In 2021 i received a fair amount of support from KODA, so I expect recording will begin in late 2021.

The Quartet:

Anna Jalving: Violin

Sofie Thorsbro Dan: Violin

Theo Dan: Bratsch

Benedicte Borum Engell Cello




Niels Ulbrandt