The making of Søren Bendixen Music

I started writing classical music when I was around 6 years old – but only in my dreams – It kept the monsters away.
Later I made a lot o noise on guitar – It also kept the monsters out of reach but also created a few new ones..
After making music and sounddesign for several exhibitions I found out that some of the music written could have a life outside the exhibitions. the work also brought my childhood dream back to life and I started writing classical music, just for the record..
This was encouraged by my Mother and her boyfriend Svend and when Ulla Lundsgart ordered a string quartet – for her tulips, the boil broke.

I debuted my first independent classical work in 2020, String Quartet no.1, as well as pieces original written for different exhibitions and different ancient instruments, now rearranged for piano.
But when you write this kind of music – for instruments you cannot play, you need players.
Two months before the concert, Through Aarhus Unge Tonekunstnere (AUT), I came into contact with Anna Jalving. It turned out that Anna was not only a very skilled and very curious musician and composer, but she also has a network which she activates when there is music in the water. Not only did she get a quartet together, she also later arranged for me to get in touch with Aulos Duo.

At the same time I finally pulled myself together and asked my good friend Niels Ulbrandt if he would like to be my pianist. Niels is a very skilled rhythmic pianist and very curious – and able to play the music as it is, without emotional or mental distance.

The concert did happen – actually two sold out concerts on 20th september 2020.
It was a very important milestone to reach – It was actually possible to get my music played by skilled musicians in front of a listening audience.

Encouraged by my family, the participating musicians and the audience, I decided to take the next step: To get the music recorded and published
KODA gave me a fair amount of cash and I did collect some coins myself.

The last element that was missing was a specialist in recording and mixing of classical music and luckily I knew Henrik Winther Hansen from before.

I had been preparing for this situation for several years by being taught by Morten Lønborg Friis. But when I showed up at the studio I started by dropping the score on the floor and could barely keep up with all the small dots. But maybe tolerance is a subject they learn at the conservatory?

When I met Aulos duo for the first time, in a rehearsal room at the conservatory, it turned out that I had forgotten to transpose the clarinet voice. María and Neus just started playing and after the first note where they play in unison I could hear it was all wrong. It was really embarrassing but we fixed it, María transposed while playing and now it sounded like music. The recording session two weeks later was a magical experience.

It has occurred to me that currently I write less for the specific instruments and more for “the music”. I am very aware of the sound, the melody and the space the instruments in question can create.
I’m fine with that, but it’s clear that there is a vast uncultivated land waiting.

Aulos Duo

Tuesday d. 9 august 2022 Aulos Duo recorded the piece “Dialogue” at Espressivo Studio.

The piece was written for an exhibition at Danish Jewish Museum, Copenhagen and afterwards I did some small changes in the arrangement. Aulos Duo is Neus Signes Llinares (Flute) and María Jiménez Pardo (Bb Clarinet).

Neus debuted in 2021 as a soloist from the Jutland Music Conservatory and María debuts as a soloist in September 2022. They have played together for many years and almost function as an extension of each other. The piece is a dialogue where the voices weave into each other – take over from each other, collide, speak out of sync, but finally meet in respect and in harmony.

They Nailed it.

Henrik winther, recorded, produced and translated my not so well developed classical language and I am very satisfied with the result.

The music will be on the album I expect to release this autumn with my classical compositions