On the steppes of Djengis Khan

From fall 2018 to Spring 2019 at Moesgaard Museum and 7. juni to 8. september at The National Museum.

“The Campfire tale”

“The life of Djengis Khan”

Technical information

The Train Wagon: custom 10 ch

Outer Ger Circle: custom 8 ch

Inder Ger Circle: Custom 8 ch

The Campfire tale: Stereo

The life of Djengis Khan: Binaural stereo

The Temple, Nadeem, Horses: custom 8

The Shaman: Quad

The The interactive Camel: Stereo + 4.0

“Sound and image go in exemplary harmony, which can only be seen as consistently implemented when entering the exhibition” Jyllandsposten 22 june 2018