12 november 2022

OUT OF KAOS – special exhibition at Moesgaard Museum 12th November 2022 – 6th August 2023

Sounddesign composed by Søren Bendixen. Vocalizations by Vibe Ulbrandt

05 november 2022

Vibe Ulbrandt singing and doing “vocalizations” for the soundtrack to the next special exhibition at Moesgaard Museum – Out of KAOS

Opens november 12th 2022


New playlists: Underworld link


22 October 2022

22 October 2022

Work in progress:

Exhibition KAOS for Moesgaard Museum opens 12 november 2022


Work in progress

Søren Bendixen Musik  – New album expected release 15 november 2022


New playlists: The Micronauts & Infected Mushroom link


08 October 2022

New playlists: Robert Plant & Afro Celt Soundsystem link

24 september 2022

The exhibition at the Danish Jewish Museum opened on 12 September and has generated some publicity and a few quite positive reviews.


Berlingske Tidende 10 september 2022

“As something new, the museum tries to visualize Jewish history. A light show has been put up on the vaulted crypt-like ceiling, showing scenes from Jewish life with actors. And in a section on Jewish life in the 18th century, history has been brought to life with small films in a small house, where you see silhouette images of Jews in the 18th century. It is quite refined and is a necessary attempt to overcome the narrow exhibition possibilities.”


Kristelig Dagblad

5 stars


24 september 2022

New playlists: Kaizers Orchestra & Der Dritte Raum link

10 september 2022

New playlists: Jan Garbarek & Simian Mobile Disco link

4 september 2022

Now you listen to some of the music from HEX! Museum of Witchhunt.

29 August 2022

The new entrance to Danisk Jewish Museum. Design by the Daniel Liebeskind. The Museum Reopens 14 september 2022 with new exhibitions made in collaboration with Moesgaard Museum. Music and Sounddesign by Søren Bendixen.

27 August 2022

New playlists: Mdou Moctar & Funky remixes link

22 August 2022

In March 2022, we completed the exhibition “Silber, Gold und nasse Füße” at Slawen Museum, Großraden, Germany.
Now the exhibition has apparently changed its name to”Slawenburg – Auf den Spuren einer Königin” (Slavenburg – In the footsteps of a queen).

But now it is also open to the public!

Here is an extract from the mention and review of the exhibition from NDR (Nord Deutscher Rundfunk) 10.08.2022:

“The exhibition offers a lively presentation of history: It is interactive, with light, sound and moving images – on the trail of the historically significant Tove, exhibition visitors can even fly through the early medieval castle on a rhinoceros beetle, where the state parliament meets today.”

20 August 2022

You can now follow the making of my album Søren Bendixen – Musik (working title). Soon you will be able to listen to extract of the recordings.

Follow this link

13 August 2022

New playlists: Bill frisell & Two shell link

13 August 2022

Tuesday d. 9 august 2022 Aulos Duo recorded the piece “Dialog” at Espressivo Studio.

The piece was written for an exhibition at Danish Jewish Museum, Copenhagen and afterwards I did some small changes in the arrangement. Aulos Duo is Neus Signes Llinares (Flute) and María Jiménez Pardo (Bb Clarinet).

Neus debuted in 2021 as a soloist from the Jutland Music Conservatory and María debuts as a soloist in September 2022. They have played together for many years and almost function as an extension of each other. The piece is a dialogue where the voices weave into each other – take over from each other, collide, speak out of sync, but finally meet in respect and in harmony.

They Nailed it.

Henrik winther, recorded, produced and translated my not so well developed classical language and I am very satisfied with the result.

The music will be on the album I expect to release this autumn with my classical compositions

1 August 2022

Listen to the main score from the exhibition “RUS Viking” an exhibition at Moesgaard Museum. Listen here

2 July 2022

23 June 2022

First part of the exhibition at Danish Jewish Museum done.

18 June 2022

28 may 2022

My trees

21 may 2022

“This space dedicated to hunting is beautifully choreographed with larch-like bird whistles, the mammoth’s hum and ripples of wind and shadows of humans and animals above the sea level in front of the huge animal.”

“I can only recommend the living species to swing past Nørre Vold and experience this beautifully staged, gripping and exciting exhibition about the penultimate species.”

Weekendavisen 19.05.2022

21 may 2022

7 may 2022

1 May 2022

Pictures from the installation of “Neanderthals” af National Nature museum of Denmark, Copenhagen. Although not as spectacular as the Moesgaard Version both Johan Ahrenfeldt, me and the good folks at The Museum was very happy with the result.

23 april 2022

5 april 2022

Recording piano music at Sct. Lucas Church in Aarhus, Denmark. On piano: Niels Ulbrandt. Recording engineer is Henrik Winther Hansen from Espressivo studio. The music will appear on my next album, hopefully out in summer 2022.

26 March 2022

Testing sound and music at Danish Jewish Museum, in Copenhagen together with Johan Ahrenfeldt from Moesgaard Museum.


26 March 2022

New playlist added: Hedningarna & Depeche Mode

12 March 2022


New playlist added: Mental Carnival & System 7

10 March 2022


I am updating my website so things are a bit messy atm.

Absolut latest news is I finished music/sounddesign for an exhibition at Grosraden, Germany.


26 february 2022


Rus Viking at Moesgaard Museum: 3 x 6 stars/hearts so far – from Kristelig Dagblad, Jyllandsposten and Politiken.

Next week a trip to Germany finishing an exhibition in Grosraden. At the same time working on an exhibition af Danish Jewish Museum (Copenhagen) and a scaled version of Neandertaler from Moesgaard, now at Natural History Museum of Denmark. Last but not least: Still working on my next album


26 february 2022


New Playlists – Jon Hopkins and System 7 Link


11 february 2022


The recording of my next album is progressing. The album will focus on the more classical or contemporary elements of my music. Here is Anna Jalving (violin), Theo Dan (Violin), Mikkel Screiber (Viola), Benedikte Borum Poulsen (Cello) and Henrik Winther at Henriks studio, Espressivo, recording string quartet no.1 and a newly written piece “Sometimes it Happens” which also wil feature Niels Ulbrandt on Piano.

29 january 2022

RUS Viking – New special Exhibition at Moesgaard Museum, 6 hearts (full house!) in Danish newspaper Politiken Link


29 january 2022

New Playlists – Basti Grub & The Chemical Brothers. Link

16 january 2022

RUS Viking – New special Exhibition at Moesgaard Museum, Denmark opens 22 january 2022. Ca. 10 Music/sounddesign combinations – My new Nordwall Cittern and my almost new 12 strings Nordwall acoustic will appear


16 january 2022

New Playlists KOKOKO! and Basti Grub. Link

10 december 2021

Lykkelig – the video.

If you can´t open the video you can find it here



4 december 2021

The Exhibition Neandertaler will be travelling for the next two years. First stop is Copenhagen in 2021.  Next stop is Norway, in 2022. Place and time TBA. The cool thing is that it will travel with my sounddesign and I get the chance to work in both Copenhagen and Norway.

4 december 2021

New playlist from 4 dec Check playlists


20 Nov 2021

Contract signed for music and sounddesign RUS Viking – the next special Exhibition at Moesgaard Museum.


20 Nov 2021

New playlist from 20 nov 2021 

Check playlists


6 Nov 2021

Contract signed for music and sounddesign for Danish Jews Museum in Copenhagen.


6 Nov 2021

New playlist from 6 nov 2021 

Check playlists


26 October 2021

The Exhibition Neandertaler is Now closed. IT turned out fine. I will miss the voice of Pia Mourier saying ” Du er ikke det menneske du tror du er”


23 October 2021

New playlists are up. Gravitas Records and Stephan Bodzin

18 October 2021

The Exhibition Neandertaler is coming to an end at Moesgaard Museum. last call is sunday 24 october.


9 October 2021

New playlists are up. Portico Quartet and Fatboy Slim

25 september 2021

Playlists are now moved to own page. Check the menu

11 september 2021

Pat Metheny Group

01 Are You Going With Me? (Live)*

02 James**
03 Barcarole**
04 Tell It All***
05 Song For Bilbao (Live)* 

06 Phase Dance (Live) *

07 (Cross The) Heartland**** 

08 Eighteen**
09 It’s For You*****

* Travels

** Offramp

*** First Circle

**** American Garage

***** Metheny/Mays/Vasconselos: As falls wichita so falls wichita falls


Der Dritte Raum: Rosa Rausch

01 Spurenelemente (Original Mix)

02 Rosa Rausch (Original Mix)
03 Random Rag (Random Excess Mix) 04 Swing Bop (Original Mix)
05 Lieblingsloop (Original Mix)
06 Modularmodul (Original Mix)
07 Teufel Los (Original Mix)
08 Weitwelt (Original Mix)
09 Kleine Freiluftschleife (Original Mix) 10 Blautaut (Original Mix)
11 Geraet Ausser Kontrolle (Original Mix)


28 august 2021

Afro Celt Sound System

01 North part 1+2

02 I Think Of…
03 Whirl-Y-Reel 2
04 Whirly 3
05 Anatomic (Pete Ardron Remix 2012) 

06 Whirl-Y-Reel 1

07 Dhol Dogs 

08 Colossus
09 Big Cat

10 Riding The Skies 

11 Riding The Waves


The The

01 Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven (But Nobody Wants to Die)

02 Love Is Stronger Than Death 

03 Lonely Planet
04 Honky Tonkin’
05 I’m a Long Gone Daddy

06 Shrunken Man
07 Global Eyes
08 Dogs Of Lust
09 Helpline Operator
10 Sodium Light Baby
11 I Can’t Get You Off of My Mind 

12 Beyond Love

13 Voidy Numbness 

14 The Whisperers
15 December Sunlight 

16 Soul Catcher

17 I Saw the Light


15 august 2021

This week the process of making my next album will start. meeting with Anna Jalving from the string quartet, recording of some of the stuff played by me etc. The album is supported by me and KODA.


15 august 2021

Minilogue – Space Remixes+

01 Space – Radio Slave Panorama Garage Remix 

02 Space – Roland M. Dill Remix

03 Ghost – Beat Tool
04 Star Command – Original Mix

05 Space (Thomas Bjerring Remix) 

06 Ahck – KAB Remix

07 Space (Bukaddor & Fishbeck Tedium Interlude Remix) 

08 That’s A Nice Way To Give Me Feedback – B Phunk Remix 


Tropicla Twista Records

01 Alex Kaminski – Jelena 

02 Muno – Andes
03 Nara Vaez – Movimento Ereto Da Coluna 

04 Mental Carnival – Go
05 Thommie G – Athinouk
06 Sergio Mendes – Roda (Ghostphase Edit) 

07 Forró Red Light – Bacamarte E Vênus
08 ElPeche, Meraki & Barbosa – 1964 
09 Racøn – Ubugugaru
10 Santi – Into the Darkness (Colossio Remix) 

11 Drendiela – Sonhos Lúcidos

12 Tha guts – Electric Poison 


Der dritte Raum – 2021 update 

01 Klubraum (D3R-25 Remix) 

02 Hale Bopp (String Illusion)

03 Aydszieyalaidnem (D3R-25 Remix) 
04 Trommelmaschine (D3R-25 Remix) 
05 Hale Bopp (Rico Puestel Flaugergues Remix) 

06 Ratz Fatz
07 Blautaut (Original Mix) 
08 Wellenbad (Original Mix) 
09 Paradise.Merged
10 Hale Bopp (Bassface Sascha Remix) 


1Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

01 You Don’t Know How It Feels 

02 I Should Have Known It 

03 Mary Jane’s Last Dance 

04 Free Fallin´
05 Into The Great Wide Open 

06 Wildflowers

07 Something In The Air 

08 Here Comes My Girl 

09 I Won’t Back Down 

10 Refugee

11 Learning To Fly 
12 Something Big 
13 Candy
14 Saving Grace 
15 You Wreck Me 
16 Runnin’ Down A Dream 


17 july 2021

Kip Hanrahan 2021 update

01 Nancy (The Silence Focuses On You…)

02 God Is Great
03 Trust Me Yet?
04 In place of a morale – Geography
05 All Us Working Class Boys (For Jack Bruce)

06 She Can Measure the History of Dreams
07 Desire Develops An Edge 

08 Perfect Math, in a Model Bronx Childhood

09 If I knew how to, if I knew
10 You Can Tell A Guy By His Anger
11 Al-Mumuun And The Arab Girl By The Well

tracks from the following albums

Desire Develops An Edge



A thousand nights and a night

Crescent Moon Waning

Cobblestone Jazz 2021 update


01 Fiesta 

02 Drawn From the Side of Crime

03 Traffic Jam
04 Dump Truck
05 Across the Nation

06 India In Me – Mix 2

12 july 2021

A Nordwall grand Cittern coming soon...

3 july 2021

The Chemical Brothers 2021 update


01 Go (Claude VonStroke Remix)

02 Burst Generator

03 Reflexion (Extended Mix) [Bonus Track] 

04 Got to Keep On 

05 Got To Keep On (Midland Remix)

06 Elektrobank (Dust Brothers Remix) 

07 Horse Power (Popof Remix) 

08 Dissolve (The Bloody Beetroots remix)

09 The Darkness That You Fear (HAAi Remix)

10 The Darkness That You Fear (The B Madonna Remix) 

11 MAH


Kraftwerk Tour de France

01 Prologue

02 Régéneration

03 La Forme
04 Vitamin
05 Elektro Kardiogramm

06 Titanium

07 Aéro Dynamik
08 Aerodynamik (Intelligent Design Mix By Hot Chip)

09 La forme (King of the Mountains Mix By Hot Chip)

10 Tour De France Étape 3
11 Chrono
12 Tour De France

24 june 2021

Sometimes you forget the past but the internet remembers…in 1996 I was member of the booking group for the third Spot Festival – an Aarhus based festival for upcoming bands. Can´t remember any of the bands though..

19 june 2021

Musik som Palle nok godt kunne li´ 

01 Peter Gabriel – The Power Of The Heart

02 Bob Dylan – One More Cup Of Coffee

03 Peter Sommer – Valby Bakke
04 The Beatles – Across the Universe
05 Kashmir – The Aftermath

06 The Doors – Riders On The Storm

07 The Soggy Bottom Boys – I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow

08 B.B. King/Eric Clapton – Riding With The King

09 Weather Report – Black Market

10 Stevie Wonder – Higher Ground

11 The Rolling Stones – Brown Sugar

12 Bruce Springsteen – State Trooper (Trentemøller remix)

13 Bach – Sonata #3 In C For Solo Violin, BWV 1005 – 4. Allegro Assai

Moritz von oswald 2

01 Romboy/Bodzin – Phobos (Moritz von Oswald Remix)

02 Electric Garden (Deep Jazz in the Garden Mix)

03 Mars Garden
04 Movement 8 (c2 Version)
05 Villalobos/Uli, mein Ponyhof (Remix) 

06 Watamu Beach (Rework)
07 Attenuator (Carl Craig Version)

08 Die Kosmischen Kuriere (feat. Magic Juan Atkins) [Moritz von Oswald + T. Fehlmann Mix]

09 The 4th Quarter (feat. Magic Juan Atkins) 

10 Jazz Is the Teacher (feat. Magic Juan Atkins) [Moritz von Oswald + Thomas Fehlmann Mix]

8 june 2021


Palle var min ven

Palle spurgte altid først

Hvordan går det med dig?

Selv da han blev syg

Selv da han vidste at nu skulle han dø


Palle gjorde ting

Ordnede ting

Men altid for at hjælpe

En fugl

en tomatplante

Et barn 

en voksen


Han var min ven

Vil fuglen nu synge

Tomaterne vil strutte 

han var min ven

Barnet og den voksne vil sige 

han var min ven



For Palle var ven med livet

Som han nu har overladt til os

At venne os til

5 june 2021

Moritz Von Oswald Trio

01 Sounding Lines 5 (Spectre)

02 Sounding Lines 1

03 Sounding Lines 2

04 Sounding Lines 4

05 Sounding Lines 7

06 Club

07 Blue

08 Transport (C. C Remix/DJ Deep & R Poncet Rework)

Ghetto Kumbé


01 Intro 

02 Sola
03 Vamo’ a Dale Duro0
04 Djabe (feat. Mélanie Bourire) 
05 Kumbé 

06 Interludio
07 El Alma del Mundo 

08 Pila Pila 
09 Cara a Cara 
10 Tambó 
11 Está Pilla’o 
12 Pide Más0

13 Lengua Ri Suto (feat. Kombileza MI) 

14 Río
15 Ware Warrior
16 Chilá Kile
17 Makru


5 june 2021


30 may 2021

Tony Allen 
01 Stumbling Down (feat. Sampa the Great)
02 Crushed Grapes (feat. L Jah-Monte Ogbon)
03 Jabulani (Rejoice, Here Comes Tony) 
04 Deer In Headlights (feat. Danny Brown)
05 Day Like This Rework
06 Rich Black (feat. KoreaTown Oddity) 
07 Agbada Bougou
08 Slow Bones
09 Afrobeat Jam
10 Obama Shuffle Strut Blues 
11 The Seed (Edit)
12 Mau Mau (feat. Nah Eeto) 
13 The Same Blood
14 The Drum Thunder Suite

DJ Khalab

01 Land of the Arum Flower (Khalab Remix)

02 Sa Wo Sa (Mess Morize Remix)

03 Lenke (Zeb Remix)

04 Kumu (Dengue Dengue Dengue Remix)

05 Bafia – Portable presents RANGEr Remix

06 Dense [Blood, Wine or Honey Remix]

07 Chitita (Hieroglyphic Being 8 Bit House Remix)

08 Dense (Batida Remix)
09 Kumu (Harmonius Thelonius Remix)
10 Bognya (Clap! Clap! Remix)

11 Bognya (LV Remix)


26 maj 2021 -a pair of shoes

24 maj 2021 – On the occasion of Bob Dylan’s 80th birthday


Congratulations to Mr. Bob.
My main guitar teacher in the beginning was Bob Dylan & The Band.
Before I got to receive teaching, I had taken matters into my own hands
and played along records. The album that got me hooked was Bob Dylan & The Band; Before the Flood.
A double album where Bob Dylan plays solo, The Band plays some, and then a big part where they play together.


The album is a goldmine of great songs, effective guitar strumming and a fantastic orchestra.
In fact, it took a few years before it really dawned on me that Bob was Bob and The Band was something else.


I strummed my guitar and sang along and loved lines like “but she breaks like a little girl” and “Do you Mister Jones?” og “I pulled into Nazareth, was feelin ‘about half past dead”
It was the sound, the mood, the seriousness in the way it came across. When I later started reading lyrics, it was not a revelation of poetry or great literature. It was to put into words what the music expressed.
I’m ok with Mr. Bob received the Nobel Prize if anyone should ask.
But what makes today special for someone who has not been invited over for cake is that Mr. Bob still exists – is active both on stage and album and still focuses on writing a good song, at least a song.
His current band is not as intoxicatingly original and organic as The Band. Instead it’s good for creating space and lifting an ok song up to a good sound.
My last concert was in Herning, where we were chased around by security who did not want us to stand up. Mark Knopfler played first and consistently referred to Dylan as Mr. Bob.
Knopfler’s own set was well played boring, but he was featured in two to three tracks at the start of Mr. Bob´’s set and added a fair bit of originality to the band, reminiscent of the way The Band rocked Dylan.
May he not rest in peace for this until he dies.

20 maj 2021 – Just got the message that I will receive a fair amount of financial support From KODA for my next album, with original music.

19 may 2021 – “But you can also experience it all more relaxed and still get a good sense of the past, because it is an exhibition that speaks to the senses and thus also to children. There is a demand for both mood-creating sound and visualization (4 stars review  “JyskeVestkysten”, Denmark) 

14 may 2021 – Hex! – museum of witch hunt in Ribe is open again. I did all the sounddesign and the music. Here is the demo recording of the theme for the mediainstallation “Maren Splids” a short piece for acoustic guitar and Nyckel harp. (Click on photo)

11 may 2021 – Testing testing

2 may 2021 – Testing sound and music in this place tomorrow. The Danish Jewish Museum

You can now watch the tribute film about Yahya Hassan at (click on the picture)

29 april 2020 the young poet Yahya Hassan died. In 2010 we worked together on a track called “Dagen er omme” (the day has ended). On the anniversary of his death, 29 april 2021 DR (Danish Broadcasting Corporation) will premiere an hour long tribute film. I will be a part of this and tell the story about our collaboration. Textvideo by Anette Krag.

Photo: Mogens Engelund, from Wikemedia Commons

1904 2021: Field recording Nørresø, Ruggård, Denmark


Fieldrecording at Glatved, Djursland, Denmark 1804 2021